Putting Elders First

There's No Excuse For Elder Abuse


Company Name: Putting Elders First

Contact: Steven Rosenberg

Website: http://www.NoExcuse4ElderAbuse.org


For Immediate Release

New website will address elder abuse and provide information

Steven Rosenberg is man on a mission.  His father, Isadore Rosenberg, was a victim of systematic and planned elder abuse at the hands of an unscrupulous caretaker.  Isadore, a World War II veteran, lost his home to the caretaker.

“When I first heard about this, I was absolutely aghast that this could happen to my father.  I immediately went to the authorities for assistance and help,” said Steven Rosenberg, founder of the SAFE network.

All Steven got was apathy and refusal.  Because the police claimed this to be a civil matter and not a criminal one, the police refused to investigate or take a formal report.

“After I approached the police, the former caretaker physically threatened me in December 2006.  I then took my case before the Los Angeles Police Commission during the public comment period.  I was asking for adequate resources and law enforcement support for this societal issue,” Rosenberg continued.

After speaking at the meeting, the results were very disheartening.  The You Tube video of the event is available here.  If this were not bad enough, it continues to plague Rosenberg.

Since April 2008, his family home has been tied in litigation.  Currently the pages of court filing have totaled over 1,200 pages for just the past year.  A major point of Rosenberg’s case: the testimony of one Howard C. Rile, Jr., a top forensics handwriting expert, who has conclusively confirmed the mortgage refinance paperwork featuring Isadore Rosenberg’s signature was forged.

Over the last five years, Steven Rosenberg has compiled extensive information against the SEC and the federal court system how this elder abuse is actually part of a Wall Street Ponzi scheme.  This is essentially defrauding of homeowners and investors in mortgage backed securities in the country.

In the face of all of this information, and the fact Rosenberg is certain this is not limited to only his family, he has taken action and founded Putting Elders First awareness campaign .

Currently in production, the website will be an informational clearing house for resources on elder abuse.  The website will cover such issues as warning signs and were to go to for help.

Rosenberg stated, “right now every six seconds in this country someone turns sixty-five years old.  As the baby boomers age, they are going to be more and more vulnerable to financial elder abuse and as such there needs to be meaningful resources available to them to combat this societal problem.  Noexcuse4elderabuse.net will be that resource.”

Currently under construction, Rosenberg hopes to have the website up and running soon.

“The longer I wait, the better a chance this has to happen to someone else.   I refuse to continue standing by idly and watch this senseless and easily prevented abuse take place.  Someone had to step up; apparently it was I,” Rosenberg said.

For additional information about elder abuse and the Putting Elders First awareness campaign, visit http://www.NoExcuse4ElderAbuse.org